Helen and Nicola have been Barista trained by 918 coffee Co, and can offer the following for your Coffee fix :


Caffe Latte

Flat white



Caffe Mocha 

Using our fresh luxury artisan coffee beans, freshly ground to order . 

All our coffees are served in 12oz double insulated cups with lids  ( excluding espresso ) 

We also have a variety of syrup shots available 

Also double shot coffees are available .

We use groundbreaking technology to harness the energy from waste coffee products to produce a biomass fuel; which is then used to fuel our unique biomass fueled coffee roaster.

The roaster is a new concept that will uses waste coffee grounds to produce freshly roasted coffee to be consumed, collected and reused - creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly process that can be used by any sized company.

Once our coffee is consumed it is stored for collection. We then deliver fresh coffee and return the waste for processing in to our eco-roast process to begin the cycle all over again. By collecting the waste at the same time as delivering the coffee, we also reduce the amount of carbon that would be generated in the collection of coffee waste to the landfill.

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Hand made cakes to order

The EcoRoast Process